TORONTO, June 13, 2014 – Today, NADbank releases the Product/Retail/Lifestyle components of its 2013 Study. The release includes new and compelling data on consumer lifestyle, product usage and retail habits in 18 urban markets across Canada. 

The NADbank 2013 Study contains valuable information on consumer purchase and media habits. How Canadians interact with media is constantly changing as new technology emerges. Changes in technology have also influenced the way that Canadians make purchase decisions and evaluate products. Some of the categories measured in the 2013 Study include:
  • Automotive
  • Vacation and Business Travel
  • Retail Purchasing in a wide variety of segments (clothing, jewellery, appliances etc.)
  • Digital characteristics, including Mobile
  • Finance, Investments and Business Purchase Influence
  • Home Improvements, Accessories, Home Furnishings and Real Estate
  • Electronics, Computers and Communications
  • Leisure Activities and Hobbies
  • Life Events and Lifestyle Changes
  • Local Attractions and Annual Events
The Product/Retail/Lifestyle questionnaires are customized by market to reflect the retailers, malls and attractions/events unique to each market.
List of Individual Markets Measured:
Halifax St. Catharines-Niagara Saskatoon
Québec City Kitchener Regina
Montréal Guelph Edmonton
Ottawa-Gatineau London Calgary
Toronto Windsor Vancouver
Hamilton Winnipeg Victoria


The NADbank Study provides marketers with the tools and knowledge required to find the consumers they are looking for, and to target them with the right message on the right platforms. Metrics in the 2013 Product/Retail/Lifestyle release include:
  • Media Engagement, including Simultaneous Media Usage, Attention Paid to Ads and Personal Views of Daily Newspapers
  • Media Reliance, i.e. the medium ,or mediums, consumers rely on to help in making purchase decisions
  • Purchase Intent, in a number of categories, including Automotive, Travel, Mobile Devices and more (plan to purchase a product in the ‘next 12 months’)
  • Purchase Influence, with consumers identifying themselves as the Primary Purchase Influencer of a variety of products


The NADbank Readership Study was released on April 22nd, 2014 and provides members with access to newspaper readership results for 85 Canadian newspapers and 2 Detroit newspapers in 53 markets across Canada. The metrics available in the Study go beyond the audiences for the printed edition, also covering newspaper apps, websites, and PDF or replica editions. 
NADbank is the principal research arm for the Canadian Daily Newspaper industry and a tri-partite organization whose membership is comprised of daily newspapers, advertising agencies and media companies and advertisers. NADbank conducts annual readership, product, retail and lifestyle category studies in urban markets across Canada.



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