Retirees are a Lucrative Market Reached Through Dailies

Think retirees have less money to spend? Think again. Retirees have on average $239,041 in savings, more than double the savings of non-retirees ($114,733). Retirees spend approximately the same amount of money annually on health care items as non-retirees AND they are 19% more likely to read a newspaper on weekdays and 29% more likely to read a newspaper on the weekend than an average adult. What better way to reach retirees than through daily newspaper advertising?!

Retirees in Canada are the primary audience for health care products advertising in daily newspapers.

Retirees are as likely to buy health products such as nutritional supplements and vitamins as non-retirees and are more likely to purchase prescriptions.



Retirees who purchase prescriptions are more likely to be health conscious than those who do not.

Twenty-five percent of retirees who take prescription drugs started a low cholesterol diet within the past six months and still maintain it, compared to only 15% of retirees who do not take prescription drugs. Seventeen percent of retirees who take prescriptions drugs maintained a low calorie diet and 36% maintain a regular exercise program compared to only 11% and 30% respectively of retirees who do not take prescription drugs.



The best way to reach retirees is through daily newspapers.

This target group are avid daily newspaper readers; on the average weekday 59% of retirees read a daily and on the weekend 64% read a daily newspaper compared to only 47% of non-retirees. Retirees spend on average over 6 and half hours a week with their newspaper while non-retirees spend just over 3 hours. Additionally, retirees spend approximately the same amount of dollars per year on health care products as non-retirees. This translates into targeted advertising opportunities for health care product advertisers as 47% retirees usually read the health pages of their daily newspaper and 23% depend on their newspaper as their primary media source for health issues.



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